Lake Charles Powerlifting serves as a place for those looking for a more competitive atmosphere. CrossFit is not for everyone. For those wishing for a more strength oriented approach to exercise, look no where else than Lake Charles Powerlifting.

Training Programs

We meet week nights at 7pm at CrossFit Lake Charles at 426 Broad st. Also sometimes on Saturday at noon. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more scheduling information, or email us today at

Our Powerlifting Coaches have coached more than 100 athletes through professional meets, and are both USPA Powerlifting Coach Certified and CrossFit level 1 Certified. We offer a variety of custom written work outs that consists of squat, bench and deadlift movements, as well as other bodybuilding and strongman movements.

Email us for more information on coaching packages and remote/web-based training options.

Strength/Conditioning programs/Powerlifting programming/Track field events programming- This is for those that wish to workout on their own but need a workout plan/prescription to follow for optimal results while not being coached day-to-day. If someone cannot make normal hours of Lake Charles Powerlifting, CrossFit Lake Charles, or Hannie Chiropractic & Strength then this would be the best option for them. They would receive a workout plan to follow towards whatever goal they are working toward(general health/more strength, better physique, better lifts for powerlifting, better throws for track and field)

This can be performance based or just for general health and wellness.

Our History

Lake Charles Powerlifting (LCP) started as a way to introduce new people to the sport of powerlifting and now has grown into one of the strongest teams in the Texas/Louisiana area. It is not just for people who are already strong, though. We encourage anyone who wants to get stronger and compete in meets to join us. Lake Charles Powerlifting offers a team atmosphere while training for your strength goals.

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Achieve Your Lifting Goals

“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, & more useful in general.” – Mark Rippetoe